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Since 2008 Circle has shown artists from all over the world in different expressions, photography, drawing, video installations, painting and sculpture with great success.

Melanie van Ogtrop
Melanie van Ogtrop

With a Master degree in History of Art from the University of Amsterdam and having worked for Sotheby’s and Christie’s in London, Amsterdam and Milano the idea of giving young artists a platform was a logical next step.

Nina van Heuveln
Nina van Heuveln

With an Art History degree and stints at several contemporary art galleries & Christie’s under her belt, Nina decided it was time to set up her own art consultancy in Amsterdam: Heuv Art. As an art consultant she works with private, institutional and corporate clients on building collections, exhibition programs and special projects in the contemporary art field.


Circle Gallery exhibits work by established and emerging Dutch and international artists.

Circle Gallery, launched in 2008, is a non-profit initiative staging contemporary art in the refined and exclusive environment of a former coach house and adjacent garden in the heart of Amsterdam.

Circle Gallery aims to provide a platform for dialogues related to contemporary art.

As from September 2019 Melanie van Ogtrop and Nina van Heuveln (Heuv Art) will combine forces. Circle Gallery will become an Art & Project Space concentrating on young artists and giving them the floor to exhibit their works.








Art & project space for artists

Photographer, Netherlands. Alexander captures poetic imagery, of an imperfect and abstract nature. Art prints available.

Her works consists of objects, installations, spatial conquests, photos, drawings, texts and sounds. I use a great variety of materials, however they are often fragile, soft and light (paper, textile, leather, oilcloth, stamps, maps..)

fascinated by the appearance of the physical urban landscape. The Netherlands as a highly urbanized and controlled environment...

A contemporary artist whose paintings are at the gates of abstraction, placed somewhere between beauty, order, and chaos.

Photography, Art and More. Love, hope, past and loneliness are just a few themes of her work.

She expresses her admiration for the black woman. She places her at the center in large collages.

A fascination with Chinese culture led this painter to move to Shanghai, where he began to synthesize traditional Chinese visual vocabularies with European painting.

Working independently though creating his own images in his studio in the countryside near the city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Nicolai’s work consists of a wide selection of editorial images for fashion campaigns as well as portraits.

As a guide with no sense of direction, I’ll lead you the way through a place that’s already broken, called The Maze.

In his work Ellert investigates a vigorous language of forms whose origins lie not in aesthetics, but in the urge to survive, from which it derives its beauty.

People need stories and images in order to create order within the world's chaos. She regards the world as a ready-made film set for her observations.

Contemporary German artist with a dedication to form as a method of function and design.

As a painter and sculptor of Czech origin, born in 1944 in Olomouc, Moravia. He emigrated to France in 1968 and lives in Paris. His works provide an insight into the occupation of Czechoslovakia by Soviet troops and how life provides a canvas towards truth and insight.

Stories and series form the past, present and maybe even the future form my reality together.

Jimmy’s dream has always been to create awareness about our world’s indigenous cultures through his photography. He has wanted to create a visual document that shows us and future generations the beauty of how they live.

We live in a time, place, economic structure that approves the having and satisfaction of desire. The material desire, the sexual desire. But desire is complicated. Approving of desire opens for the possibility of absolute liberation, an at the same time, absolute destruction. And beyond this love, not even remotely less complicated.

When transition meets beauty in a clear and obvious form, art transcends the concept of state and matter.

It is interesting to present photo graphical work surrounding Senegal, where many people have mixed identities and shared their personal stories. Africa and belonging - not just a concept.

Literally everything becomes art in Koos Buster Stroucken's (1991, the Netherlands) jubilantly tactile world.

Lisette van Hoogenhuyze's paintings and installations consist of multiple layers, patterns and color arrangements derived from visual motifs from the leisure culture. A culture with which the beach is inseparable connected.

Drawings that depict almost the very nature of liquids and color.

She brings the flux: Photography. Abstract, landscape, portrait, and events.

Conflicts on physical and mental level form the inspiration on which his images are created.

Again and again searching for exactly the right line, the completely successful spot. Day in day out the almost obsessive search for optimum intensity in image and meaning. And then you have the drawing; A kind of laconic hit, loosely spotted intensity or wall-filling miniatures. It worked.

Dutch artist who designs 100% natural fashion knitwear and home textiles that are visually inspired by the diversity of nature, and produced with the mentality that what humans make must remain in balance with what nature makes

Trained as a painter and a sculptor his unusual sculptures are of rare complexity and beauty. He incorporates self-portraits in many of the works, which have something of a renaissance quality to them, yet borrow also from Giacometti and other modern masters.

My work talks about humanity. I create imaginary worlds that correspond to the world I live in. I observe the movement and emotion of life by taking the image and colour of the people and surroundings that I see and hear. To use to make my art and harmony, peace and love.

As a commercial diver and underwater photographer based at the Underwater Stage at Pinewood Studios, the only facility of its kind in the world. She specializes in behind-the-scenes underwater stills and video for feature films, TV and commercials.

Robin Speijer’s work focuses on a combination of color, light and textures. At first glance, the subject seems to be the many forms of fabric.

This artist is interested in mythology, magic realism, transformation and the intertwinement of man and nature.

Currently one of her main artistic inspirations is to try to gain a better understanding of environmental hyperobjects, like climate change or global pollution.

Be stunned and amazed of the deliberate imperfections and irregularities in the photographs.

As an Italian Postwar & Contemporary artist who was born in 1940 his work offers a glimpse of life in a time of instability and a simpler life.

Visually compelling and illustrative works that depict the motion of light and darkness through a lense of senses and expressions.


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Exhibition Quotes:
Half a day: €500
Whole day: €1.000
Weekend: €1.250 / day
Rental times are from 10.00 to 20.00 hrs.

For information contact:
Drs. M.H. van Ogtrop-Quintus
Kerkstraat 67
Amsterdam, Netherlands 1017 GC

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Circle Gallery and Heuv Art have combined forces creating an art space for emerging artists.

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